Korean fashion has influenced not

Korean fashion has influenced not just Asians, but also people in the West. This is why many 'fashionistas' are keeping an eye on Korean designers who will present emerging styles that will surely become a trend globally.

Take for example two Korean designers will represent the entire Asia in International Woolmark Prize. Munsoo Kwon (menswear) and J Koo (womenswear) - who both appear in Seoul Fashion Week regularly - will compete with other designers worldwide, according to CNN Style in an Aug 19 article.


Aside from the two, Suecomma Bonnie is also making a name in the fashion industry, particularly in accessories and footwear.
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The international acclaim of these designers show Koreans have a lot more to offer, as new trends emerge every now and then. And not just in fashion, but also in other fields - ingenious design concepts, in particular.


A good example of this is the creation of Korean designer Jang WooSeok who has come up with something to brighten up mornings.


A lot of people agree that a cup of coffee is always a good idea upon waking up in the morning. But how about getting a kiss from the coffee cup? Sounds lovely... and creepy!


Jang has invented a new coffee lid design, which he calls 'Coffee Lid: Take Kiss' Out.' He says the creation is different from the typical coffee lids that people are used to.


"Different from the other coffee lids, which have a usual hole to put a straw or to drink directly, Take Kiss Out looks like a human face," Jang says in his email to Mashable, as reported last week. "Therefore, a coffee drinker experiences a visually funny and emotionally different coffee when drinking."


Jang describes his creation: "I love both coffee and kisses. I always have coffee a day, but kiss can't. So I began to sketch the idea at the cafe. Funny, I imagined people have a pure joy when walking around kiss lid in hand."


"There is only mouth on the lid to start with prototype. However I felt like there was something missing in our early design concept. I realized that touch the noses is essential point in order to feel realistically while I kissed."


He went on, "So I add the nose and face muscle to the lid. Finally, it has the lineaments of that of a Greek statue as well as a friendly face. I am sure that it is an important point to get public attention."

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