I'm seriously getting sick of people getting ill constantly. I mean, sure I do understand that you can't prevent all the viruses and bacterials and flues are all over the places and you can't really get away from them. And I do get that there are diseases and sicknessess that nobody want's or asked for them. But still, I find it kind of funny how I am always the one that managed to skip them and I am always the one doing the extra hours since someone else has a flu, because I never do. Why? Maybe I've decided that i won't get ill that easily? Maybe I eat more vitamins and fruits than rest of us? Do I wash my hands more often? Maybe I just live healthier over all? What made me so iron inside that I can always manage? Mom?

Ok. I don't smoke, I do use alcohol sometimes (once a week :'D), I don't basically eat "trash food", (but sometimes burgers and pizza are sooooo good!), I like candy and I drink A LOT of coffee. I work 40-50 hours a week, I have exercises prox. eight times a week (9,5h) and sleep enough. Maybe that's about it. I have so full hours whole week that I don't have time to worry about getting sick! And I eat breakfast every morning, that includes either fruits, quark or yoghurt with nuts and honey and an egg, or  some bread with cheese, avocado, lettuce and cucumber. And coffee!

Sometimes in daily life it seriously seems like people are actually waiting when it is their turn of getting ill. Then they realize, they have been eating wrongly for a while and decide to start a better life by going to the gym. Because that is so hip nowdays that going to the gym seems to be the only right decision to get your life back. Really? Then most of people hurt themselves or get more sick because of their attempt to be a better person, because they don't know what they are doing, or when to stop, or does the exercise even suit them. The idea of the workout and diet programs is not to get people tired and angry.

I'm not saying it's bad for you to do something else than party, but I'm saying that not every training program and diet suites for everyone and to everyone's life or work. Getting the balance and satisfied feeling about yourself is the only way of keeping yourself healthy and happy!

But, people really should pay attention what they are eating, but balance in that is the key. Banning all the goods is no solution, it makes people only angry and jealous. I get the idea of two weeks fast, but the point of those few week diets is not that after that you can go back eating whatever, the outcome is way better if you change your habits in daily life. Eat as much energy as you consume. If you start training, eat. Not grease and salt, but fibres, little carbs and vitamins. And by vitamins I don't mean pills, I mean fruits, veggies and berries. Find out which combo suites for You and your life, especially your work. Candy and other goods taste a lot better when you don't have them everyday! When you find the balance in your eating and consuming habits, your mind and body will lighten up and you feel more energetic!

I do have my mom to thank a lot when it comes to the habits of eating. When I was a kid, we didn't have Saturday candy, low-fat products or added vitamins and stuff -products at home. We used mainly real sugar, sea salt, milk and butter, and we never were spooked by little flu. Maybe we grew up more conscious about what we eat but not over-aware. It seems to me that people who eat "more healthy" and pay attention of sugars, carbs and vitamins added in their food are more often sick than I am. Sure I kind of feel, when I've had enough of sugar on a day, but I was raised that way. I wish every kid had. Healthy eating is all about balance. And the balance vary on each one of us. I know my balance, every one can only themselves find out theirs.

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