Beeing the big Survivor fan I am, I´ve been watching LOTS of episodes and seasons, and still the game seems to fascinate me year after year. This weekend my friend and I were about to watch one episode before going to sleep, but we ended up having an 24 hour Survivor marathon. Watching that much Survivor at a time made me reflect on different things than I do when I normally watch an episode or two. It woke a thought about how we should live our lives a bit more like Survivor is played.

The players make up stradegies, they always have a plan, even if things never goes the way they want them to. They have to rethink their stradegies all the time and that doesn´t seem to be a problem. Why not? Because it´s a game. There is always supposed to be a twist. It´s supposed to be hard. Your plan is not supposed to always work. Maybe we should be survivors when our stradegies don´t work out, just make a new one and not think that the world is beeing unfair and that our lives never works out as we want. Maybe we should take it as an adventure, think that it´s kind of fun the be on your toes, never knowing what´s coming next.

"If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas."

The second thing that the players have so much more of than people outside the game has is willpower. Say you have  a 1/15  chance to win a million dollars and people are fighting regardless of hunger, lac of sleep, injuries and so many more hardships. They never give up. They always give their all. And they know there is only one winner in the end. Even when they know they will be voted out next, they wont go down without a fight. Why don´t we have that much willpower when we want something in life? Well yes there is not a million dollars on the line, not for me anyways, but still, we want to win our own battles right? Why do we give up before we know that we can´t get what we want?

I´m going to try and live my life a bit more like my favorite Survivor players played their game!


"Once your fire is gone, so are you"




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